Monday, June 11, 2012

Not just a BizTalk Anti-Pattern

This is a follow up to my last BizTalk Anti-Pattern post

This is primarily for the Technical Recruiter.

My last contract was mutually terminated. I had worked for this client architecting their BizTalk 2006 R2 / ESB 1.0 EAI implementation.  I was contracted to architect their migration to BizTalk 2010.

There was a disconnect between what the client expected and what a BizTalk Architect role does.

After I completed their 2006 R2 / ESB implementation, the client had cloned the ESB 1.0 and deployed it on web servers. Not only did they duplicate the Itinerary functionality, but they customized it. They created their own custom core components and pipeline components.  

I won’t go into the details (saving these for the Anti-Pattern List). One of my tasks was to help the developers migrate their custom ESB Web Application to ESB 2.1.  All their tests were failing.  I was expected to help their developers. 

It would benefit everyone if you would ask the client for explicit details on what they expect of a role.  The client would rely on you more often to find the right person for the job..

A good source that describes the BizTalk Architect Role can be found on the TechNet Wiki.

If you search the TechNet Wiki, you should be able to details on other roles.

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