Sunday, June 29, 2014

Issues with upgrading BizTalk 2013 to R2

I just upgraded 2013 to 2013 R2.

These are the steps.

  1. I installed VS 2013 first which is required.
  2. I upgraded the HL7 Accelerator.
  3. Both upgrades went smoothly.

This are the issues I found.

When creating a new project or opening an existing project in VS 2013, I tried to add a two new schemas and a map.

As you can see in the following figures, the artifacts are missing. The only artifacts available are for HL7.

BizTalk Project Items
Schema Files

BTAHL7 Schemas

I tired this on two Azure VMs. First I upgrade 2013 Standard, Next I upgraded  R2 Standard to Enterprise. I created a new Azure BizTalk 2013 Developer VM and upgraded it to R2 after installing VS 2013. 

Same issue. 

Other Issues

  • .
  • The ESB Toolkit is now Version 2.3. You cannot upgrade. There is  no documentation on what is new in Version 2.3

Missing Documentation

  • The documentation is for the HL7 Accelerator is from BizTalk 2010 as shown below.
HL7 Accelerator Documentation for BizTalk 2013 R2

The BizTalk 2013 / BizTalk 2013 R2 documentation on MSDN states that the HL7 Accelerator now supports the following:

Provides capability to include free-text data as part of the message that can be processed by the HL7 pipelines  

 I cannot find any documentation for this feature anywhere. Nor are there any samples.

Since I work with HL7 this feature is important.

Hopefully the BizTalk Team will release a CU that will resolve these issue. Until then, I will stay with BizTalk 2013.


  1. Howard,
    I did a clean BizTalk 2013 R2 install and then installed the HL7 accelerator 64 bit.
    I can't find HL7 Logging service under services console. Is this a known issue or by design ?

    1. The logging service doesn't exist in BTS 2013 R2 BTAHL7. Logging now occurs inside the BTAHL7 database and is accessible by querying the DB. Please see this MSDN post:

  2. The configuration for the HL7 Logging Service in on the HL7 Configuration Console.
    64 Bit installation is for the MLLP Adapter.

  3. The issue with the missing items in Visual Studio is due to VS2013 update 2. You can either uninstall it or update to VS2013 Update 3.

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